The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

General Activities


Activities of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences (JAMS)

Office: c/o Japan Medical Association, 2-28-16, Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8621, JAPAN
Tel: +81 3-3946-2121 (Ex.3241-2)
President: Morito MONDEN, M.D.
Vice-President: Masamitsu IINO, Reiko KISHI, Takashi KADOWAKI

1. Outline

From April 2 to 5 in 1902, the first Meeting of Japanese General Medical Sciences consisting of 16 specialist medical societies was held at Tokyo Music School in Ueno. This had been recognized as the first meeting and later, April 2, 1902 was decided as the official date of the inauguration of the Association.

From the third meeting, the organ's name was changed into the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences. Its General Assembly called the Japan Medical Congress has been held regularly once in every four years without interruption. The twelfth Meeting, only one exception, supposedly to be held in 1947 was postponed for one year because of the Second World War. During this twelfth Meeting the eternal establishment of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences was unanimously approved. It became attached to the Japan Medical Association under the reorganization took place on March 8 in 1948.

The main activity of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences is concentrated in pure science. Its member units consist of different societies, rather than individual persons, currently 143 specialist medical societies (see the member list of specialist medical societies).

About the medal

In 1902, the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences held the first meeting in the present form. The 16 belts surrounding the Japanese lay of the land represents the number of affiliated specialist medical societies at that time.

2. Purpose of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

After the unification mentioned above, the Japan Medical Association decided to host the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences as mentioned in Article 40, Chapter 10 of the Constitution. The purpose of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences is to "contribute, in close cooperation with the Japan Medical Association, to the improvement of medical science and care through the research and development of science and technology in the field of medicine".

3. Tasks of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

In order to fulfill the aims mentioned above, the Association holds and conducts the following undertakings:
(1) General Assembly: the Japan Medical Congress
(2) Symposia
(3) Collection and distribution of the information on medical science and care
(4) Other activities, various, appropriate along the line of the aims of the Association

4. List of successive presidents of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

  President Duration
First Takeo TAMIYA
Yoshito KOBAYASHI(acting)
April 1, 1948 - July 11, 1963
July 12, 1963 - March 31, 1964
Second Yoshito KOBAYASHI April 1, 1964 - March 31, 1976
Third Hiroshi KUMAGAI April 1, 1976 - March 31, 1984
Fourth Kunio OTA April 1, 1984 - March 31, 1992
Fifth Wataru MORI April 1, 1992 - March 31, 2004
Sixth Fumimaro Takaku April 1, 2004 - June 15, 2017
Seventh Morito MONDEN June 16, 2017 - September 7, 2023
Takashi KADOWAKI (acting) September 8, 2023 - November 10, 2023
Eighth Takashi KADOWAKI November 11, 2023 - Present

5. General Assembly of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences: the Japan Medical Congress

Meeting Year Venue Chairman
1st 1902 Tokyo Kazuyoshi TAGUCHI
2nd 1906 Tokyo Shibasaburo KITAZATO
3rd 1910 Osaka Tanemichi AOYAMA
4th 1914 Tokyo Kenji OSAWA
5th 1918 Tokyo Masanori OGATA
6th 1922 Kyoto Torasaburo ARAKI
7th 1926 Tokyo Sankichi SATO
8th 1930 Osaka Aihiko SATA
9th 1934 Tokyo Tatsukichi IRIZAWA
10th 1938 Kyoto Kurita MORISHIMA
11th 1942 Tokyo Mataro NAGAYO
12th 1947 Osaka Chozaburo KUSUMOTO
13th 1951 Tokyo Takeo TAMIYA
14th 1955 Kyoto Shinichi MATSUMOTO
15th 1959 Tokyo Hiroyuki UCHIMURA
16th 1963 Osaka Arao IMAMURA
17th 1967 Nagoya Seizo KATSUNUMA
18th 1971 Tokyo Shigeo OKINAKA
19th 1975 Kyoto Ko HIRASAWA
20th 1979 Tokyo Kazushige HIGUCHI
21st 1983 Osaka Tsuneo YOSHIDA
22nd 1987 Tokyo Kiku NAKAO
23rd 1991 Kyoto Michio OKAMOTO
24th 1995 Nagoya Soichi IIJIMA
25th 1999 Tokyo Fumimaro TAKAKU
26th 2003 Fukuoka Yoichi SUGIOKA
27th 2007 Osaka Tadamitsu KISHIMOTO
28th 2011 Tokyo Yoshio YAZAKI
29th 2015 Kyoto Hiroo IMURA
30th 2019 Nagoya Hidehiko SAITO